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The Queen of the Skies bids farewell

Air India Boeing 747 takes his last flight on April 22, 2024 after an era of service to the world.

The Queen of the Skies as famously known has finally marked her last flight from Mumbai to the US through its iconic wave called, “wing wave”. The queen will continue its service under a new company after it was sold. The queen has remarkably embarked her journey from 1971 with its very first flight on January 21, 1970 with a New York-London route. She is named “Agra”,12 first class, 26 business class and 385 economy seats tallying to 423 seats.

Many came to witness the queen’s wing wave and people shared their final thoughts as they see her fly. Air India says,  “Today, we wave goodbye to the first of our last ‘Queen of the Skies’, the B747, departing Mumbai. Thank you for an era of majestic flights. We’ll miss your iconic presence.” While the pilot who flew the queen shared a last photo of him inside this iconic aircraft while he posted, “The privilege and joy of flying the Queen was unmatched. Hope she continues to soar with her new owners,”.

The rest of the country shared this momentous event and has so far earned many wishes to the queen across social media accounts.